Your website has evolved


Here is what has been missing !


After due reflexion and having listened to those happy to associate themselves to us, this website has evolved.


The website is now bilingual.


The Sefior website was created in 2012, but was designed as a consulting website to complete the website (Functional Service Economy, now in english also) that was created in 2009. During that time of great change, 2009-2014, five years, is an eternity; however, the texts form 2009 or 2010 on the nature of the crisis, on the evolution of the crisis to anticipate, all regrouped, developed, structured, in the book The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis; Functional service economics: instructions for business leaders” have not grown older. See "The event of 2012"


We are changing era and the only possible way out of the crisis is to respect the guidelines of the new macroeconomic cycle that is in place, whether that pleases us or not. True, there are constraints, we must change many things, thus doubting the existent, when financial pressures are great, when the future is uncertain, but the choice of adaption to this new era is a real guarantee of success. It is the greatest opportunity that may present itself: to operate change that will bring stability for a longtime!



December 2014